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At Carrier’s Turf Pros, our technicians are State certified in Turf and Ornamental pest control. We offer many services to control insects and pests that can affect your lawn or harm your property.

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A common misconception is that moles like to eat plant material, especially roots. This is not the case at all — they’re insectivores who prefer a diet of insects, especially earthworms. Although gophers are notorious for causing widespread damage in gardens, moles can still be annoying to have around, especially if their tunnels are disturbing the root systems of your prized plants or the green lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Although it may seem as if you have a voracious mole problem, it’s more likely that you have only one or two pests in your yard. In an average yard, one mole can burrow several feeding runs that extend all over the yard, making it seem as there are dozens of moles.

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Spider Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Spiders, Ants, Termites & Earwigs

Carrier’s Turf Pros Lawn Care can protect your home with our popular service called Perimeter Pest Control. Our Perimeter Pest Control protects your living space from invading insects with our regularly scheduled outdoor treatments to the perimeter of your home.

The idea is to keep insect populations to a minimum in the areas immediately outside your home so you do not get insects inside your home. Carrier’s Turf Pros Lawn Care will administer an insect spray band to the surrounding foundation, cracks, and crevices as well as other “bug doorways” to help keep insects out. This is a great way to control insects without having insecticides inside your house where you eat, sleep and where your children and pets play.

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