Organic Lawn Care Program

An Alternative Solution For Your Lawn

We’re passionate about offering an organic, natural lawn care program for those that are trying to avoid pesticide solutions. That’s why we created an organic version of our popular lawn care services. Our organic lawn care service is pesticide free, which means we avoid the use of herbicides (weed killers) that contain chemical agents.

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Program Application Steps

Application 1:
(Wake-Up Fertilizer) We treat your lawn with a controlled release organic granular

Application 2:
This treatment consists of a controlled release organic fertilizer application with iron as well as Hi-Cal Lime & Gypsum. This powerful product quickly enhances the soil environment, facilitating the biological processes that support and promote plant growth and the improved health of the plant.

Applications 3-4:
This treatment consists of a controlled release organic fertilizer application.

Application 5 (Winter):
This granular organic fertilizer with maintenance lime application helps prepare your lawn for winter dormancy. This will also provide nitrogen to your lawn in Spring to help with thick, greener turf.

*Please note that organic programs do not include weed control. Available upon request.

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