Lawn Aeration & Seeding Service

Clearing the Way
For Water & Nutrients

Compacted soil and thatch are two big obstacles to a healthy lawn. Core Aeration will help to alleviate these problems by allowing beneficial air, water and nutrient movement to reach the root zone. Aeration should be a regular part of any annual lawn maintenance program to keep soil compaction and thatch in check. For many years, professional golf course greens keepers have known that the secret to a beautiful, dense turf is to aerate their course two or three times each year to allow the healthy grass roots to thrive.

Aerating and over-seeding your lawn in the fall will pay huge dividends come the Spring when your grass comes in thicker and healthier!

The Lawn Aeration Service Process

Core aeration is a great way to rejuvenate your lawn. During the process, an aerator punches out plugs of soil across your lawn. This creates pathways through which air, water, and fertilizer can more easily travel to your turf’s roots. This allows them to grow stronger and deeper, keeping your lawn lush, vibrant, and resilient against the elements year round. After the plugs are removed, they are left to dissolve on your lawn during rainfall and watering. Eventually, they mix with the thatch layer to help it break down, which makes it easier for moisture and nutrients to reach your turf’s roots and helps discourage harmful insects from settling in the thatch.

Aeration Benefits

  • Fills in bare spots to provide a thick, green lawn
  • Chokes out weeds and crabgrass
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases root development
  • Allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to get deeper into the soil.
  • Improves overall plant health
  • Helps decompose the thatch layer
  • Increased seed germination through seed to soil contact

Overseeding: The Best Follow-Up to Aeration

One of the best ways to transform, heal, and thicken up your lawn is following professional aeration with an overseeding treatment. Overseeding newer grass varieties into an older lawn can help it better withstand insects, disease, and drought as well as filling in those thin areas in your lawn. It’s a great way to add a hardier and more resistant variety to your property and ensure an even and vibrant finished lawn. Contact us today to schedule an aeration and overseeding combo!

Top of the Line Equipment

Aeration is one of the most effective services in revitalizing a lawn. In order to punch the appropriately sized holes into your lawn’s foundation and evenly distribute the plugs for thatch deterioration and nutrient dispersion, we use some of the most renowned aerator models in the industry. From our Z-Plug machine to our array of equipment from Stinger Equipment allows us to service lawns of all sizes. Contact us today for a free lawn aeration estimate.

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