Grub Control

Protecting Your Grass Roots

At Carrier’s Turf Pros, we have an in-depth knowledge of lawn grubs and lawn grub control. Lawn grubs, also known as called white grubs, are the immature form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese Beetles, June “bugs” (beetles) or European Chafers. These white, C-shaped creatures have soft bodies with legs near the head. They feed on grass roots (and organic matter in the soil), causing sections of the grass in the lawn to die. Grubs eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from the soil to mate and lay eggs, which hatch into more grubs. Grub damage on lawns can be extensive. That’s why at Carrier’s Turf Pros Lawn care we include grub control in all of our programs.

“We apply a grub preventative in the late spring/early summer to prevent grubs from devastating your lawn. Our lawn grub control applications are guaranteed for the year.

How Do I Know If I Have Grubs In My Lawn?

Grubs feed on the roots of grasses, so lawns will show wilting and browning of irregular shaped areas. Certainly, there could be many reasons for lawns browning, especially in late summer when most grub damage occurs. Always check the root zone of affected areas for the c-shaped grubs. Carefully pull back the sod in suspect areas (particularly the marginal areas where brown grass meets green grass) and look for the grubs. Usually a population of about 10 or more grubs per square foot will lead to browning of the lawn

Another sign of grubs would be damage from skunks and raccoons digging up lawns in search of grubs to eat. This usually happens at night. Moles may or may not be feeding on grubs, so they are not a reliable indicator of grub problems.

lawn grub control
lawn grub control

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