In many regions of the country, spring ushers in long-awaited warm temperatures, perfect for outdoor enjoyment.  Below is a checklist to help you get your yard in shape for the season ahead.

  • Inspect your trees and shrubs.  Start your spring spruce up with a thorough inspection of your yard.  Look for any branches that might be broken or damaged and prune them or have them removed by a professional.
  • Test your soil.  Test your soil once every few years to make sure it has the proper pH balance and mix of nutrients.  The Turf Pros tests your soil for free with every Lawn Care Program that we offer.
  • Fertilize your lawn.  The Turf Pros offer 3 different fertilizing programs based on the needs of lawn.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs, too.  Most plants, trees and shrubs will benefit from proper fertilization with a slow-release product just before mulch is applied.  Contact The Turf Pros to learn about our tree & shrub care program.
  • Control weeds.  Spring is a good time to apply pre-emergent weed control for weeds such as crabgrass.  The Turf Pros will put down weed control at the optimal time as a part of your lawn care program.
  • Make planting beds neat and tidy.  Rake the old leaves and debris from plant beds and create neat, natural edges around the beds using an edging tool.
  • Add an inch-thick layer of fresh mulch in plant beds and around trees.  Don’t let the mulch tough the tree trunks and never let the mulch accumulate to more than a 3-inch depth.  Mulch not only makes planting areas look neat, but also helps to retain moisture in the soil, keeps roots cool in the summer and insulates them in the winter.  As mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil.
  • Inspect your irrigation system.  Once the weather has warmed up for the year, turn on your irrigation system and inspect it to see if it is in working condition.  An irrigation company can also do this for you.


*Adapted from A Seasonal Guide: Spring Lawn and Landscape Care published on  LoveYourLandscape.org